What can you expect

  • 3 thematic missions based on the new film TENET
  • At least 3 hours of unique experience
  • Rental of complete paintball equipment
  • Raffle for valuable prizes
  • Experienced staff who will accompany you throughout the day
  • Military technology in action
  • Refreshment
  • Accompanying program
  • I want to borrow equipment

    • Entrance fees
    • Marker with a tank (compressed Co2/air)
    • Thermal mask
    • Paintball army coverall
    • Paintball gloves
    350 CZK
  • I have my own gear

    • Entrance fees
    250 CZK

Ammo in sufficient quantity to buy for everyone

What awaits you in the raffle

4 x Single Wool Swab

5 x Players Sticker Sheet Black

4 x Warriors Sticker Sheet White

5 x Players Sticker Sheet White

1 x Bunker Kings KnuckleButt - We Kill Suckers

1 x PBS SOG Vest

1 x Mil-Tec US Paracod

1 x Nitro Headset

2x Predator Gaming Rolltop Backpack



1x Nitro mouse

2x Predator WATCH

Release date
27. 8. 2020

Don't forget to go to the cinema

The hero of the new action sci-fi spectacle by movie visionary Chriss Nolan uses one single word as his main weapon - TENET. In the dark world of international espionage, he fights to save the whole world. He embarks on an extremely complicated mission, in which the rules of spacetime as we know them do not apply.

Thanks to the collaboration with PAINTBALLSHOP, we have a long-term competition for the top MagFed marker EMEK EMG100 from Planet Eclipse.

Register, stop by and receive a unique code. Each scenario = 1 code. The more scenarios you complete, the better your chances are. 💪 30. 11. 2020 at 6 p.m. there is an online raffle on our Facebook page, where you can win EMEKA!

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